Importance of NABH Accreditation of Hospitals in Healthcare

In recent times, demand for quality in healthcare services has increased due to various market forces such as medical tourism, insurance, corporate growth and competition. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) defines Hospital Accreditation as a public acknowledgement by a national or international healthcare accreditation body, of the achievement of accreditation standards by a healthcare organization, demonstrated through an independent external evaluation of that level of performance of organizations in relation to the standards.

The NABH Accreditation for hospitals has become popular to the extent that it is now almost necessary for any hospitals to have accreditation for competing in healthcare market. The level of confidence and trust of the people in hospitals can be increased through NABH Accreditation since it ensures that the health care organization accredits and provides services and functions of continuous quality even in the best interest of all patients’. The primary goal of the NABH accreditation is to ensure that the hospitals not only perform evidence based practices but also give importance to access, affordability, efficiency, quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

The health organization can use a variety of benefits to be certified by NABH. The biggest beneficiaries are the patients, since they are serviced by the credential medical staff. It also provides opportunity to the hospital to benchmark with the best in the industry.

Benefits of NABH Accreditation to all interested parties in the organisation:

  • It gives a huge recognition
  • Hospital system operations and protocols
  • Improves the quality and level of care
  • Recognition of the hospital gives recognition to all the employees
  • Provides job satisfaction and a safe workplace
  • Ensures all the safety parameters are set
  • Results in continuous improvement and enhanced productivity
  • Keeps us on track with the latest technology
  • Set things right at the right place
  • The hospital shall service for international patients
  • Patients will be well respected and protected
  • Enhances the overall professional development of the staffs
  • The recognition contributes to increasing the patient flow that boosts the revenue.

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