has Introduced NABH Documents Package for Entry Level Accreditation for AYUSH Centre, providing NABH consultancy and documentation services in India, has announced that introduced Ready-to-use NABH Documents package for Accreditation for AYUSH Centre.

NABH documentation kit by contains sample documents required for NABH hospital accreditation as per accreditation Standards for Accreditation for AYUSH Centre Service Providers. All NABH documents for Accreditation for AYUSH Centre are in MS-Word/Excel files and user can edit them. User can make changes as per their organizations need and within few days their entire documents with all necessary controls will be ready. The total documents for NABH for Accreditation is introduced at just 35000 INR., which is very competitive price.

The content covered in the NABH documents for Entry Level Accreditation for AYUSH Centre is listed below:

  • Sample NABH Manual for hospitals
  • Sample NABH manual/SOP for departments
  • System Procedures for hospital
  • Health and Safety Procedures for hospital
  • Set of Standard blank forms and system formats
  • NABH entry level AYUSH centre Audit checklist
  • NABH entry level AYUSH centre document compliance matrix

Download Sample Documents to understand detailed content covered in this documentation package, which is given on website, anyone can download it and refer them. also provides NABH Consultancy services for Entry Level Accreditation for AYUSH Centre, which covers following step by step consultancy services.

Impact of NABH Accreditation on the Quality of Healthcare Services

The ability of hospitals is defined by the aptitude, skills, experience, and wisdom not only of their doctors and nurses, but also other clinical and non-clinical staff, including management. The hospital consultant is the trainer for your hospital who assures you of obtaining NABH Accreditation certification for quality excellence in your hospital. Hospitals must adopt quality to ensure patient and staff satisfaction, and position ourselves on a path that promotes overall success.

By obtaining a quality NABH certification, your hospital will experience various positive results:

  • Your hospital will provide high quality care and safety by accredited personnel
  • Patient satisfaction and trust in your services will improve significantly and will be evaluated regularly for continuous improvement
  • Your hospital staff will receive a greater level of training in both clinical and non-clinical processes
  • Staff satisfaction levels will be optimum due to consistent learning, a great work environment, professional development, and responsibility and ownership of processes
  • Your data logistics (clinical and non-clinical) will be well defined, and there will be overall consistency in your records
  • A systematic and simplified framework will follow for the evaluation and improvement of process quality
  • Your hospital will be assessed and organized in an objective way by external administrators
  • Inform your community and others who are interested in quality, that you commit to it and that you will always maintain quality standards
  • Your hospital will meet the optimal benchmarks and will be a preferred health care service provider

Learn more about Readymade NABH Documents for quick reference while NABH accreditation for small health care centres, multispecialty hospitals, eye hospitals etc.

Importance of NABH Accreditation of Hospitals in Healthcare

In recent times, demand for quality in healthcare services has increased due to various market forces such as medical tourism, insurance, corporate growth and competition. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) defines Hospital Accreditation as a public acknowledgement by a national or international healthcare accreditation body, of the achievement of accreditation standards by a healthcare organization, demonstrated through an independent external evaluation of that level of performance of organizations in relation to the standards.

The NABH Accreditation for hospitals has become popular to the extent that it is now almost necessary for any hospitals to have accreditation for competing in healthcare market. The level of confidence and trust of the people in hospitals can be increased through NABH Accreditation since it ensures that the health care organization accredits and provides services and functions of continuous quality even in the best interest of all patients’. The primary goal of the NABH accreditation is to ensure that the hospitals not only perform evidence based practices but also give importance to access, affordability, efficiency, quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

The health organization can use a variety of benefits to be certified by NABH. The biggest beneficiaries are the patients, since they are serviced by the credential medical staff. It also provides opportunity to the hospital to benchmark with the best in the industry.

Benefits of NABH Accreditation to all interested parties in the organisation:

  • It gives a huge recognition
  • Hospital system operations and protocols
  • Improves the quality and level of care
  • Recognition of the hospital gives recognition to all the employees
  • Provides job satisfaction and a safe workplace
  • Ensures all the safety parameters are set
  • Results in continuous improvement and enhanced productivity
  • Keeps us on track with the latest technology
  • Set things right at the right place
  • The hospital shall service for international patients
  • Patients will be well respected and protected
  • Enhances the overall professional development of the staffs
  • The recognition contributes to increasing the patient flow that boosts the revenue.

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Guidance on Documentation for NABH Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital

The National Accreditation Board of Hospital and Healthcare provider has launched new entry level standards for hospital accreditation. Because the name implies that the entry level standards are for hospitals that wish to start the quality certification process but cannot do because of the strict requirements for full accreditation by NABH.

There are two types of new standards: One, for hospitals with over 50 beds, and two, for small hospitals with less than 50 beds. In both types of NABH Accreditation, hospitals must provide documented information. One of the most important steps to obtain Pre Accreditation Entry Level is to determine what Pre Accreditation documents for hospitals are needed. The NABH Documentation required for Entry Level Certification is as follow.

What Pre Accreditation Entry Level Documents are the required?

Pre Accreditation Entry Level for Hospital

  1. Hospital Manual: Hospital Manual covers the details like introduction, scope of service, hospital policy, vision and mission, applicable laws and regulations, quality policy and organization structure.
  2. Department Manual: The different department system is given in department wise manual as listed below.
    • Central Sterility Supply Department (CSSD) manual
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Infection Control
    • Medical Record
    • Human Resource Management
  3. Procedures: Procedures covers all the details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed, reference documents and formats. There are two types of procedures like System Procedures and Health and Safety Procedures.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures: Standard Operating Procedures document covers a guideline to establish system as per NABH pre entry level standards requirements. covering access, assessment and continuity care (AAC), care of patient (COP), continuous quality improvement (CQI), management of medicine and patient rights and education department
  5. Forms and Templates: It covers forms required to maintain records in the hospital as well as establish control and make system in the organization.
  6. Audit Checklist: NABH Audit Checklist covers audit questions to be used for hospital system auditing for objectively evaluate the adherence of system by functional heads to establish processes. It also includes audit questions as a quick reference for all related work areas of the hospital

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Introduced NABH Documentation kit of Pre Entry Level for Small Health Care Organization

Leading Hospital Accreditation and Documentation Consultancy Services provider, has introduced new NABH Documentation kit for Pre Entry Level for Small Health Care Organization. This standard specifies requirement for hospitals which having facilities below 50 beds for patients.

NABH Documents for Pre Entry level Small Health Care

The is offering readymade Pre Entry Level for Small Health Care Organization – NABH Documentation kit that saves time and cost of certification process. It covered all requirements of Pre Entry Level for small health care documentation. The document kit is having sample documents required for implementation of NABH hospital accreditation as per latest National accreditation board of hospitals and healthcare provider standard (1st Edition April, 2014) for Pre Accreditation entry level standards for small healthcare organization.

This documentation set contains readymade templates such as NABH Manual, Department Manual, Procedures, SOPs, set of sample forms, Hospital Committee, Hospital Audit Checklists, etc. as a ready reference tool for quick documentation for certification. The complete sets of Pre Entry Level for Small Health Care – NABH Documents are designed by the highly experienced team of people with rich experience of hospitals system.

The ready-to-use Pre Entry Level for small organization – Hospital accreditation documents is offered online by at very competitive rate of just $540. User can also download Free DEMO that helps to learn each document in details. This ready to use sample templates are written in simple English and easily editable format. The user can update total documentation templates as per organization working system and create own documents for their company.